Monday, November 22, 2010

thankful 2010

not feeling particularly thankful today...but figured I should get in print what I am thankful for. so, in no particular order:
lip balm
music that either makes me want to sing out loud or cry or both
pharmaceuticals (for me and for kids)
sunny days
well written TV
gym memberships
time to read
people who are amazingly generous and thoughtful and that i get to call people like that friends
open minds
easy trips to the grocery store with both kids
drive thru pharmacies (and banks and coffee shops)
reliable and experienced babysitters
my new rett family
good memories
bad memories that made me stronger
my family-immediate, extended, and by marriage
our fantastic friends and acquaintances
people who read my blog

i guess that is it for now. surely i will come up with some more to add to the list after this long week of no school!


Ann Marie said...

Your Rett family is thankful for you too! Have a great Thanksgiving!

Carrie and Avery said...

Erica, are you sure we arent long lost sisters???

Dawn said...

A woman after my own heart with a list like that! Happy Thanksgiving!