Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Three in a row?

It's really true. Avery has been amazing for the past three days. Amazing. I haven't once lost my patience. And that is a straight up miracle. It started on Sunday when we at the last minute decided to take the kids to the zoo. She was great in the car. Even though we stopped on the way and took forever getting there. she held our hands and walked the whole time we were there. She didnt scream once. We saw the alligators, the bats, the reptiles, the tortoises, the monkeys and the tigers! She tried to drop to the ground once while waiting for the train ride but we got through that without incident. She got a teensy bit antsy while waiting for the merry go round. But we got on and she waited patiently. She rode so nicely and then we headed back to the car. She giggled in the car home. Red and I kept looking at each other like "what"? We felt like a regular old family. It was awesome.

What is the difference? Is it school being back in session? Is it the medication? Is it just Rett syndrome letting up a bit?

What else is awesome? She is saying DADDY all the time again! And a few MOMMY's too! Lots more giggling. Lots of hugging Nolan. Lots of eye contact.

The behaviorist is getting to work with our new "behavior tutor" and brought us a new PECS book today with actual photos that I took of Avery's stuff. She used it already tonight to request goldfish and her sippy. And the bus-we will have to make sure that isnt always a choice! Im excited for this and excited to have someone to keep me on task and keep me honest about actually doing what Im supposed to do!

Im hoping for lots of more positivity!


Ann Marie said...

I am so excited that she has had such a great last few days! It sounds like she's not getting frustrated, which is awesome for all of you. I hope it lasts MANY more days!!!

Dawn said...

That is so exciting and I love feeling like a "typical" family. I hope the trend continues!

The MacDonald Family said...

Oh that is just wonderful!! And daddy and mommy - what a blessing to have those words! Keep up the amazing job Avery!!!

Colleen said...

Three days, it's a trend :-)