Thursday, September 23, 2010

so much going on

there has been a lot going on here. mainly me trying not to think about the stress that is the Strollathon! I'm actually really NOT stressed about it, but that is making me stressed. Im pretty confident that its all going to work out very nicely. plus we have over 54K raised! not too shabby. Im completely blown away by the amount of generosity in the world. team little goose is going to be at least 40 people strong. I might just sob through the entire thing!

A few highlights of the last week or so:

Went to an awesome couples baby shower for some good friends on the 11th. I thought it started at 7. We got there at about 7:45 and on the way there I realized I wasnt so sure about the 7 start time. Called the sitter to ask her to look at the invite. It started at 6. I was mortified. Luckily it was mostly really close friends and they were very gracious about it! it was a lovely party!

I got monday night off and went to dinner with two very lovely ladies and had three very delicious margaritas. It was a fabulous night.

Had a Stroll meeting with Paige, without whom this Stroll would be a complete disaster. Watched the Giants take first place in the NL West by beating the Dodgers.
Took Nolan back for another semester of Music Together.
The Buccaneers went 2-0. For the first time in FIVE YEARS.
Went to the lafayette art and wine festival. with the kids. Wait this is supposed to be about the highlights....
played nine holes and shot a 63. Thats REALLY good. for me.
ate delicious home cooked burgers at Gramma's.
Signed the docs (again) for our refi. Pretty sure thats over.
Saw Willie Nelson with fantastic friends at a beautiful venue.

And mixed in between it all-Avery went pee pee on the potty at home SEVERAL times. and pooped on it at school! She is saying mommy, daddy, and buggy again! Her medication seems to be working. she is no longer doing all the opening and closing of drawers and doors over and over. she has been trying to play with toys. she has been sitting with her books. she isnt drooling. this week marks the beginning of some behavioral therapy-we have been gradually doing some and using a new PECS book. She uses them at school so she is familiar-but Im so impressed with how she is using her book independently! next week the AAC specialist from the school district will be coming to observe her at our home and we are moving towards getting some sort of speech generating device!

MediCal was finally approved! IHSS is coming for a home visit tomorrow. If we qualify for IHSS, that will mean that I can be reimbursed for certain things I have to do to take care of Avery-basically things that a typical 4 year old would be able to do on their own. We will see. Here are some pics!

they made me do the beer bong!

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The MacDonald Family said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! What a great couple of weeks! So glad you got out and had some fun and thrilled that Avery is doing so well. You guys are doing AMAZING with your fundraising!!! Nice work!! Hugs!