Wednesday, September 29, 2010

quick update before the busiest weekend of my life!

I have barely had a second to think lately b/c my brain is in its normal protection shut down mode by not allowing me to think about ANYTHING because I have so much going on! that doesnt even make sense but Im sure you know what I mean, right?

This weekend is going to be absolutely nuts. Its crazier and more packed than my wedding weekend!
Friday night dinner with friends.
Saturday morning Avery has her study appt. which we are really looking forward to! We will get to see Dr Skinner who is awesome and it will be interesting to hear his thoughts on how Avery has changed since March. Plus we get to see our Rett family who in just 11 months we have gotten to know so well.
Saturday night another dinner with friends. A huge dinner party of 24. Im making butternut squash soup shots! The theme of the dinner party is a local organic harvest dinner. When I will will get to the farmers market Im not sure.
Sunday is the Strollathon. We have been planning for months and here it is. I think we have it all taken care of and that everything will go smoothly. I am warning any friends and family that will be joining us-I might cry when I see you or cry the whole day. Actually Ill definitely cry when I see you. Its highly possible Ill cry a lot. It's overwhelming to think of the support we have gotten and all the people that will physically be there representing Team Little Goose. I hope I have enough hats! It should be a really fun day. We have already surpassed $61,000 in fundraising-so Im REALLY happy with that. Team Little Goose has over 13K!

So anyway. We are up to our eyeballs in behavior therapy! PECS and puzzles and new toys and lots of hard work (and candy). Avery has been doing amazingly well. This week is the first real "work" week with her awesome therapist. She definitely is adjusting and there has been a lot of fighting and screaming but today went very well. Avery started the day by going pee on the potty! then when she got home from school she peed on the potty again! (we are taking her every half hour or so) and the next time she went she pooped! Its pretty exciting and the Starbursts dont hurt!
We had a visit from the AAC specialist from the district today too. She gave me some great ideas for using Avery's Step by Step in the community and for other situations than just back and forth to school and home.
i feel like now we have a better connection to what is going on at school and can do some of those things at home. Her new OT and PT seem wonderful and have been communicating with me so well. Her ST is the same and is still awesome. Of course-teacher Diane is the best as usual!
So still working out a few kinks with Avery, lots to learn and try and make part of a new routine...
I have a cute video of Nolan to post soon too-have to get it off Red's phone first!
thats all for now...more after the 3rd!


Ann Marie said...

Wow! You do have a crazy busy weekend, but it all sounds fun. Have a great time and try not to stress too much. You have worked so hard to organize and raise money for the strollathon, now enjoy it!! I would love to bring Abby to the clinic so she could meet all of the girls (and I could visit with the moms, of course). We don't have a clinic like that in this region. We just have an appointment with Dr. Percy as a part of the NH study. Katie's clinic sounds amazing. Enjoy your weekend!

Catriona said...

Hope the Strollathon tomorrow goes really well and doesn't make you too emotional (would love to be there with you in lovely northern California instead of rainy-London-with-a-leaky-roof). Will be thinking of you xx