Sunday, September 12, 2010

a pretty good day

Sissy and Poppa leaving the club!

Every so often we get brave and we go meet poppa at the club for breakfast. Ok, not THAT brave because they know us pretty well there and usually there aren't many people dining at 9am in the clubhouse so its pretty safe for us. Baby steps!!

It has been a while since we have been and I was nervous to go with both kids-its always a difficult juggling act trying to get food into mouths and not on the floor and eat your own food at the same time! The kids love to see Poppa anytime and they were both really happy to see him there.

I have gotten smart and I order the kids food as soon as we sit down so they don't have to wait too long. Avery and Nolan both used booster seats today-first time out of the restaurant high chair for Nolan! He dug it. And he was really good-and not too gross. Besides the time he dipped his bacon in the butter dish.

I bet you can guess what happened with Avery-- NOTHING! She was awesome. She was QUIET. She didnt drop a morsel of food on the floor. She didnt throw any plates or utensils. She didnt SCREAM. It was wonderful.

And later we went to Target and she was GREAT. if not for the arm brace, the constant tapping of the cart handle and the weird things she says (gy-yung gung! bung-ge-dung!) she seems like a regular old kid! We even ran into some friends and she was totally calm during my stop and chat with them. All in all, a good day. yay for that.


Ann Marie said...

So happy for all the goodness!! Go Avery!

Dawn said...


mj said...

butter? gooooood. bacon? gooooood? what's not to love? nolan knows his stuff.

as for avery's words...ryan sometimes says things like gy-yung gung too...maybe she's just speaking cantonese???

Emma said...

it's a bit late to leave a comment since you posted this but still.. got such a good laugh from this one. I loved the words Avery makes! too funny. My darling girl also makes funny sounds and hap-pyung! and Bob-bob-bob are frequent. We're a little concerned since we don't know anyone called Bob... ;)
Hope the strollathon goes GREAT!