Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the end of summer.....ahhhhhhhh

Its funny how the things you so cherish as a kid morph right into things you dread as you grow up. Summer is OVER. And I can honestly say I am super happy about it! Never did I think I would be dreading summer! Or Spring Break! Or government holidays! But now that Avery has been on the school district schedule I LOVE Mondays! and dread the days off.
wow, that sounds pretty awful. But its true.

First of all Avery loves school. And riding the bus. In fact BUS is the only real word she consistently says anymore. She might spontaneously combust tomorrow at 8:05 when the bus pulls up. Seriously. She also loves her teacher Diane soooo much. As do we. She is one of those very special people that just radiates very special-ness. We can see that she loves our daughter. And that means so much. Avery hasnt seen teacher Diane since June and I know she is super excited for that. I was talking to another parent today school and she said "if you have a good teacher, it really doesnt matter what the IEP says because you know they are doing what they need to do", and its so true. We are lucky to have what I think is a pretty good IEP and a fantastic teacher. What will we do next year!?

Sometimes I wish I worked. I think this would make me WANT to see my kids more often-make me not want to always get away! Why is the grass always greener? I know moms who work who would do anything to be at home with their little ones. But I guess that is where Rett syndrome throws a wrench into it all. Every day, maybe for just a minute or two, but every single day I wonder: "what fun thing we would be doing if Avery didn't have Rett?"

Im slowly but surely learning that I can make things more difficult in my head. When it actually happens that we DO go out as a family, or I do take both kids to the grocery store and it goes well I think to myself "ok I can do this!". The three of us actually have had one extremely easy trip to Target and 3 awesome grocery visits in the last week or so. So the knowledge that it can be done is slowly taking root in my brain. And it will only get easier.

But-the important thing is~summer is over~and things can go back to "normal" around here.

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Ann Marie said...

I am so ready for our school schedule too. I think Abby gets bored with me all day every day, and I run out of ways to entertain, so we all end up grumpy. When school starts, I appreciate our time together more and make the most of it, instead of trying to kill time until 7:30 rolls around. The end of summer is rough. I hope Avery's bus shows up tomorrow!!!