Thursday, July 29, 2010

a few things

This week we heard from the summer school teacher that Avery said HOT and WATER in class the other day. HOT was not used in context but WATER was!?? WHAT?? I have not once heard her say WATER-not even WAWA. So that's pretty cool. She has been using her step by step communicator (small device with a large button that is capable of having multiple recorded messages played back) in school for snack and at home to "tell" us what she did at school. We then record messages back for her friends. She is pressing the button pretty well now and its nice to see her smile in reaction to the messages. We are going to keep it over the break and try to use it more at home everyday. Its the first step in a long road of communication devices!

Also when Avery got home today I looked over and I could tell she was going potty so I took her to the toilet and she went on the potty! She was pretty pleased with herself. I was REALLY pleased!

On Monday we saw Avery's guardian angel Dr. Mary. She suggested we increase the Tenex as she watched Avery zoom around the entire office nonstop. So on Tuesday we began giving it twice a day-so basically just one pill a day, 1/2 in the morning and 1/2 in the afternoon. She has been a bit sleepier at school but hopefully by the time the new school year starts, everything will be settled in. We do think it is working. Today the sitter told me that Avery was VERY good and sat for about 15 minutes twice. Once to read books and once to play with her little toy laptop that lights up and sings. Amazing. We still have a ton of yelling and screaming to deal with though. I may have to start thinking about the yelling being related to some kind of pain because it does come in spurts but who knows.

Tomorrow is the last day of summer school. Three weeks or so till the new school year-lots of pool trips in my future!


mj said...

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay avery! you'll have to show us that step-by-step in action on friday. can't wait!

DJLG said...

Glad I checked up on this thanks to David's comment. I love the new words! Plus using the potty!!?!?!?!?!?! Queenie!!!! The yelling must be an age thing.I cannot get Britt to speak in a normal tone. Every exclamation is at such a HIGH volume. Heard Sheri's kids in the background lately? Love you guys and miss you like crazy. xoxoox LEGGO

The MacDonald Family said...

Yay for new words!!!!! Awesome! Keep up the great work Avery!

Ann Marie said...

Go Avery! I'm so happy she's doing so well with her summer school. That's awesome. Abby loves her step-by-step too. We'll have to swap ideas next week. Yeah, thats right, NEXT WEEK!!!!