Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm really good at PROCRASTINATION!

It's been a while since I posted...even though every day I think of something to blog about! but then it just becomes a long list of things I cant remember and I realize Ill never get it all done in one sitting. So because I have to play catch up-Ill try to keep it simple and not get too dramatic or philosophical!

The last video I posted was taken on Sat. June 5th when we had another fun playdate with our friend Leah (Leah also has Rett). Leah and her super cool parents came up to swim with us. It was a blast. Lots of smiles and splashing and sharing of fruit snacks. I think Leah and her parents are used to Avery bombarding them for their snacks by now!

Oh, the 2 days leading up to the fun playdate are blog worthy as well. Thursday Avery was walking in her room, tripped over her own feet and knocked her two front already slightly loose teeth on the bottom of her bookshelf. ouch. Top right tooth was pretty loose. I thought for sure it would either fall out or die sooner than later. The next night, Im getting ready to go out and waiting for Avery's aunt to come and pick me up. I had Nolan on the potty and AVery was so excited for her aunt. She fell in the dining area as she was running around-hard. I went to see and there was her top right tooth on the hardwood floor. Clean as a whistle! Just popped right out! She cried-hard. Of course it was 5:30 on a Friday but I was able to get in contact with the dentist who wasnt worried but wanted to see her on Monday. We took her in and she is fine. Just looks like an 8 year old now. pretty cute.

On June 12/13 we took an awesome trip down to Half Moon Bay with great friends of ours for my first golf trip ever. We played both courses at the Ritz and stayed one night there. We had a fabulous dinner with great wine and a little early birthday dessert! It was amazing. I played ok but had a blast. It was gorgeous weather and such a great break from the kids. Thanks again to Gramma for helping us out-we'd for sure go crazy without it!
The following weekend we were busy! Friday night we had all of Red's siblings and their significant others over for dinner. It was so much fun. It's really cool that all of us get along and can laugh at each other and ourselves so easily. I cherish it. Saturday we attended a birthday party for a friend's 2 year old. It was a great party and after Avery screamed loudly until she got in the pool, it went well. A friend of mine told me that day that I was a good mom. I told her I should win an Academy Award. I then realized I would probably lose it a lot less if I constantly had strangers in my house! :) Nolan would not get in the pool but enjoyed running around throwing any ball he could find in to the pool.

That night I got to go out with two amazing Rett mommies! Leah's mom, M, and Claire's mom C. (Yep, the same C that mailed me that awesome necklace!) They were too sweet and brought me gifts, cards and bought me dinner! oh and a yummy birthday dessert too! We talked for 4.5 hours straight-sharing stories and laughs and tears. It is so special to have these awesome women in my life.

The next day was Father's Day. The kids and I spent the day with Red's Dad/family at the pool and Red played golf with a buddy of his. It was a very nice day. We love love love Daddy and Poppa!

Then is was my birthday. June 22. It snuck up on me for sure. And Avery had a bad day-which means mommy had a bad day too. A seriously BAD day. Lots of crying from both of us. Even though our new amazing sitter started that day and came from 9-12 so I could go work out-the afternoon just went way downhill. I dont even remember why or what but it did and it was BAD. I hated everything, especially myself for being such a horrific mom. Don't say I wasn't, because I was.
But then, we took Avery to Gramma's and Nolan to the concert in the park with some friends and it was a blast. (Yes, I get that maybe part of the reason I had a bad day was being mad at myself for purposely excluding Avery from the concert in the park-this was not lost on me)
Our friends brought me cupcakes and sang to me-how can I not be happy with now my 4th birthday dessert in 10 days!? It made up for the horrible day. Nolan stole my birthday hat and chowed on cupcakes!

And then Wednesday was incredible. Our fantastic sitter came from 1-4 and I took Avery to the pool while Nolan napped. Aves and I had some great one on one time and I remained calm even while listening to the little girls in the pool saying just totally typical things: "I'm THREE!" "Mommy watch me!!" "I want to swim with YOU!" I helped Avery swim and sat close to her while she ate a popsicle off a stick I had to hold for her-we spoke softly and pretended no one else was there. We both did great. I came home to meticulously folded laundry, tidied toys (inside and out!) and a scrubbed stove. Man that feels good. wow.

Friday we started Avery on Tenex. We have seen some changes-not all great but we are thinking we are on the right path to getting her a little slowed down and focused. Hoping it will be a little more stable by the time summer school starts (8 days and counting!!!!!) More on this later-my wireless connection is a little iffy at the moment so I better stop here.


Catriona said...

Made me laugh what you said about being a better mother with an audience - me too! (Bet it's the same for everyone!) And I have spent much of the weekend holding out lollies on a stick for Amy to lick - she loves it, and I now know what to do when we're stuck in hospital waiting-rooms etc...

Kelly said...

It was so good to "catch up" on everything going on with you all. I wish I lived closer to you so we could have dinner out - I cure could use that more often! Start savign for our VEGAS trip!!!

mj said...

we are super cool, aren't we?

and IF you were a bad mom {not saying you are, not saying you aren't...} then i'm one right along with ya.

fun month!

did you ever get your package from creepy neighbor?

Colleen said...

Kelly I so wish you could have been at dinner with us, that would have been wonderful!What is this about a Vegas trip, can I come? Erica you are beautiful, your journey isn't an easy one but I must commend you for how you go about it, whispering by the pool and loving that little sweetie like you do.

Zenaida said...

Erica you are so sweet!! I am sad that you cried on your birthday. Nobody should cry on their birthday or any other day!!!..I love to see the three moms hanging out..I can't wait for the next meeting please do let me know. And I have to say whispering by the pool sounds such a perfect moment between the two of you


Ann Marie said...

It sounds like you've had a fun month. I hate that you cried on your birthday, though. That mommy guilt sneaks
up, huh? For what it's worth, I am a better mom, have a cleaner house, and look decent with company over. I don't think I could keep it up for too long.

I'm totally up for a Vegas trip!

Dawn said...

Did someone say Vegas?!? :) I'm glad you posted an update because I have been thinking about you a lot lately and wondering how you are doing. This journey of ours definitely is a roller coaster ride! I can relate so much to what your wrote, especially about being at the pool and feeling like the worse Mom ever. I wish we lived closer because I know we would chat for hours! xoxo