Wednesday, May 26, 2010

off to see the wizard

Tomorrow Red and I get on a plane to CO to attend the 26th Annual IRSF Rett Syndrome Conference! Im super excited and anxious and am preparing to be massively overwhelmed. But Im so glad we are going. We get to meet moms and dads that we only know via the Internet and see some, that we have met once or twice, again. I know we will learn a lot and Ill be back on Sunday or Monday to tell you all about it!
We have some amazing friends that live in Denver that have helped us to make this happen. They went above and beyond the call of friendship!
Thank you Pete and Val for everything! We cant wait to see you and meet those little munchkins!

Everyone have a fantastic long holiday weekend!!


Girl Power 2 Cure said...

Have a great time!!! Word of advice -- when you write down someone's contact info/email, write next to it where you met them! ie eating lunch, by the elevator, etc -- believe me, you will end up with a lot of new friends and it can all get jumbled together when you get home!

mj said...

take good notes. :)

Erica said...

Thanks for the advice Ingrid, I needed that too-b/c I have no memory whatsoever anymore!
Maren, will do!