Friday, May 7, 2010

just pure goodness

So last week a fellow Rett mom (Kelly, who is awesome) put a few items up on her blog to auction off for the Dress Up 2 Cure campaign for Girl Power 2 Cure. One of the items was a gorgeous necklace with a "hope" pendant. Hope is my "thing" these days because every second of every hour I am HOPING that my daughters life will change dramatically and she will be treated or Cured of Rett syndrome. So I bid on the necklace. A few times. One of the other bidders happened to be another awesome Rett mommy (I'll call her "C" in case she wants to remain anonymous). This Rett mommy I have met a few times, most recently a week or so ago for a delicious sushi dinner where we talked for 4 + hours straight without stopping-except to sip our drinks and eat of course. Turns out this Rett mommy also WON that necklace! MY Hope necklace! Bummer. I even gave her hard time for winning when I saw her at dinner.
Today, I go get the mail and there is a small package in there from Kelly/Girl Power 2 Cure. Im puzzled? I open it and see this:
To: Erica
From: "C"
in a cute little box with a cute little ribbon-my necklace!

Cue the tears. I'd like to think I would be that thoughtful but Im not. Once again blown away by the goodness in the world. thank you "C", I needed to be reminded of that. thanks to all of you Rett parents for being a wonderful people I can look up to, get advice from, lean on, vent to and laugh with. Im ridiculously thankful to have all of you in my life, even if it means Rett syndrome has to be there too. I hope one day it wont be, but I KNOW that when that day comes we will still be friends-really good friends.


Kelly said...

I know....when "C" contacted me - I cried too - she is an amazing lady!!!! SO ARE YOU!!!! I am so blessed to have you BOTH in my life. Enjoy today!
love & hugs from Indiana!

The MacDonald Family said...

Oh this made me cry too! "C" you are amazing! And Erica and Kelly you both are too. I completely agree with what you said Erica, I'm so blessed to know Rett mommy's too, even if it means we have to deal with this, atleast we have eachother! Happy Mothers Day!