Wednesday, May 12, 2010

it never fails!

Monday and Tuesday were just bad bad days. Days where I had no patience. I got mad and I cried. I sobbed. My eyes hurt from crying. I was sobbing and apologizing to Avery for not knowing what is wrong and not being able to always help her. I held her and cried. I cried while a fed her from a spoon like she was 4 months old. I cried when Ryan walked in the door and he hugged me and let me cry.
Today I made a decision not to cry. I allowed myself to be patient and we have had a good day. Avery has a way of making it happen if I let her. And to top it off, today she confirmed what I thought I might be hearing yesterday-A new sound "huh" and she has said hot, hi and how (just randomly but Ill take it). I haven'``t heard hot or hi since she was about Nolan's age. She also dropped a couple "daddy"'s too. We thought that one was a goner.
This girl never fails to amaze me. never fails to bring me out of my funk. I know I'm not immune to days like the past 2 have been...but today is a good day and I will take it!
Here is a video of Avery saying a few of the new goodies!


mj said...

yay for new words! can she teach some to leah? no words yet. although she did say "mama" and "mom" about 50 times on mother's day. it was the best of gifts. :) haven't heard it since.

Dawn said...

She is such a sweet and special little girl. Your video brought tears to my eyes because of how precious she is! I am happy that you have found peace, and yes there will be continue to be highs and lows for both of us.

Erica said...

thanks girls!