Monday, May 3, 2010

I guess Ill write about golf...

Lately I have had the urge to blog but havent really known what to say. "I hate my life with Rett syndrome" pretty much sums it up, so on to lighter topics for now.


I grew up with an older brother who-as far as memory serves-was obsessed with watching baseball. So, I watched it too b/c back then people only had one TV and none of this pausing, rewinding recording business. My brother is 5 years my senior so I of course wanted him to like me more than anything and I had to suck up a few baseball games to make him think I was cool. It was SO BORING. I thought there might not be anything more boring than baseball, save for watching paint dry or water boil. But I did it because I had to be cool. We watched a lot of NFL football too and probably soccer although I dont remember there being that much on TV back then (Dave, help me out?)
Anyway, my mom strangely enough really enjoyed watching golf. Im not sure why or how she got interested (one of those questions I never thought to ask her and now really want to know now that I cant ask) but she watched with enthusiasm and oddly I liked it too. I could appreciate the fact that it wasn't as easy as they made it look and there was nothing like a good "oooooooohhhhhhh" as you watch the ball closely pass up the hole.
Well, I grew up and got too cool and was interested in much more important things like going to the mall and talking on the phone to my friends whose house I just left (we had that much to talk about!) and I lost interest in watching golf, or any sports really.
Enter my husband. College baseball player, dreams of the big leagues. He taught me why baseball is so cool and now I even listen to Giants games on the radio, even if he isn't in the car. He is one of those guys who is honestly pretty good at any sport he tries and plays golf rather well. I decided a long time ago that I would be that wife that didnt golf, for that to be his thing with his buddies and I would maybe learn later when the kids were grown up and we had nothing else to do. But I quickly realized that golf is an all day event, with pre game visits to the driving range and post game "settling up" in the clubhouse with a beer or ten. I was never going to have a hobby that required 6 hours of my time. Ever. I love to shop but you cant really do it for 6 hours! My mom always told me to learn, that I would be good at it and I should take lessons. But nope. Not for me.
A few years ago we joined a golf club here in pleasant hill and I was none too happy about it really. I kicked and screamed the whole way. But their pool has turned out to be a great place to take the kids and i do love the 4th of July party. I just stayed away from the golf.
Recently, our very good friends challenged me to learn and used their condo in Hawaii as incentive-if we ever wanted to be invited again, I had to learn to play. Umm yes please! So, she actually gave me her old clubs, I got a super cute Titleist bag for christmas and a few outfits-all set.
So a few months ago, after several visits to the range, we actually had some time to play a few holes. I wanted to go just the two of us but its tough to do. There we were at the 1st tee and a father and son come up to us "mind if we join you?". ugh. You cant really say no. So we warned them and off we went. We played 5 holes that day I think and I stunk. But it was fun and Red was so excited to have me out there. I started to get why he loves it so much. We went to the range a few times after that and then recently we played 8 holes. We just showed up and went out on an open hole. I was shooting between 14 and 18 on every hole! plus or minus a few! ouch. Two or three weeks ago we actually called and got a time. We got geared up and went out. They had us with another couple and I just wasnt feeling it so we passed on the time and went to hit balls. We came back up and they said we could tee off. We happened to run into an acquaintance of Red's who said "play with them-they are fun" as he pointed to a couple getting ready at the 1st tee. I was uncomfortable but we asked and they couldnt have been nicer. It was a husband and wife-who we later found out were the parents to a girl who had babysat Avery a few times. Small world. Anyway-we had a great time. Sure I moved a couple balls around and didnt pay too much attention to my strokes (I did shoot the same as Red on hole #5 however!) but I had some good shots and I wished we could have stayed longer.
Saturday, the same friends who have the place in Hawaii offered to take our kids while we went and played. So nice. So off the range we went and after an hour there snuck out on the course again and got in 4 holes. At the range I was hitting 'em well. There is really nothing like hitting the golf ball in the right spot. I paused for a minute and thought of my mom and how super happy she would be to see me doing it. I just shook my head and said "moms are always right". It was so much fun I asked Red "Can we get a tee time next weekend and play 18?" Never thought I would be saying that.
So Saturday we are playing a full round (if we can get a sitter and if we can get it in) at 3:20 and so far we are just a twosome. Im really excited. thank you mom for planting the seed and to my husband for adding the sun and water!


Colleen said...

I can't stand golf, but what a wonderful story! Mom's are always right, give it a few years and yours will be saying the same thing about things you told them. Glad to see you blogging again, I've been missing your posts.

mj said...

this is just too strange. we are a baseball/golf family too. my dad grew up playing baseball - he was a pitcher. i love watching {most of the time}. we're a mariners family because he grew up in the northwest. and golf. i cannot tell you how many sunday afternoons i've spent watching golf. but i do love it. i consider it a success if my club hits the ball and i've still only ever been to the putting green and driving range. maybe one day...

Kim said...

Hi Erica~
Thanks for commenting on mine and giving me your link! Your family is incredibly adorable and I am sorry we have to have the common denominator of rett sydrome, but I look forward to getting to know you more and I do hope I see you in 3 weeks!!! :)