Monday, April 19, 2010

just some photos

It was ridiculously nice out yesterday so I took a million pics of the kids. These are the best ones-Im so glad I can retouch b/c Avery currently has a huge scrape on her forehead! She fell at school on Friday. I had watered the veggies garden and left the sprinklers on a little longer than I needed-hence the puddle. Nolan digs puddles. He was dropping rocks in for like 20 minutes! He has to have his shirt off like Daddy now!
Nolan found a puddle...

Puddle found his pants!

Thanks to Leah for the awesome new hair clip!


mj said...

yay! and there's more where that one came from if you need 'em.

Kelly said...

Love Love Love Love the next to last one of Avery - seriously cute stuff!