Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Dance!

Yesterday was one of those good days. We certainly have come a long way from last Easter.
Good friends of ours have a brunch around easter every year and we do an egg hunt for the kids (Avery is the oldest by a year and a half or so). Last year we left before brunch in tears (Avery and mommy). It was that day that it became extremely apparent to me how different Avery was. All the 2 year olds (who had all JUST turned 2) were running around finding eggs, so cute with their little baskets. Avery was on the opposite side of the yard pushing a baby stroller alone. I was already on the verge of tears...and then she fell down and had the biggest meltdown you can imagine and I could not calm her down. I was fragile and frustrated and embarrassed and lost it. I spent that day pretty much in tears. But I realized later that it was good for my friends to see me struggle a bit as I usually put on such a brave front.
This year we did it at our house and it was GREAT. I already knew Avery wasnt going to care about the egg hunt and she didnt. She was, however, so happy to have everyone over and loved being outside pushing her stroller. She also loved snatching candy here and there-all her friends did all the work and she reaped the rewards. Smart girl.
Nolan dug the egg hunt. He was happy with the 2 eggs he had and then he caught on and really got into finding more. He had so much candy, in his mouth, on his hands and on his shirt.
We will be spending the evening with family tonight. Im going to have to use yesterdays positivity to stay strong tonight-Averys cousin will be there who is 3 weeks younger. Glaring differences. Positive thoughts!


mj said...

i've decided i'm going to stop writing my own posts. i'm just going to link to yours and say, "this is how i feel." this was so me last year. we were in utah with all of leah's cousins (she has LOTS b/c there are 10 total between step families) and two of them are her age. she had learned to walk about 2 weeks earlier. this year, we let the other kids hunt for the eggs and leah went around getting candy from all of their findings. :)

The MacDonald Family said...

Love, love, love the first picture! Precious! So glad this year was better than last. I pray your evening went well! Happy Easter!

Ann Marie said...

I can totally relate. I babysit a few kids who are Abby's age. I have done so since she was a baby. You would think I would be used to the obvious differences between Abby and her friends. It still sneaks up on me. I guess it always will.