Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Guest bloggers Avery and Nolan here to wish our Daddy a great birthday! We want to tell you how much we love you and why!
  • you have an amazing ability to calm me down in the middle of the night even after mommy has tried everything and nothing has worked. (mommy isn't as impressed)
  • your hair is orange and thats funny.
  • you sing songs with us and make up words to them most of the time.
  • you keep trying to get me to swing the bat and the golf club even though I always run away
  • you always give me a big hug when you get home even though I always act like I dont want one.
  • you take me swimming.
  • you give me pretty much whatever I want (but so does mommy, so...)
  • you hug mommy and help her when she is sad.
  • you always remember to bring me a fork to try when mommy forgets.
  • you really want me to be potty trained and you always try to catch me just at the right time.
  • you tuck me in and re tuck when necessary.
  • you are fun and mom thinks you're cute so I do too.
  • you do airplane with me and thats fun and it makes me laugh like crazy.
  • you turn on elmo (sesame street) for me at every request
  • you play with us while we are in the tub and sing songs that make us laugh
  • you brush my teeth with bob toothpaste-Bobby!
  • you read stories to me
  • you teach me words
  • you give me jelly beans
  • you teach me how to swing the bat and the golf club and I know you are hoping I become a rich and famous pro athlete but you will still love me if I dont!
  • you think Im really funny and smart
  • you have orange hair and thats just funny!
We love you Daddy! Happy 34th! This will be a great year!
Avery and Nolan


mj said...

very articulate kiddos, you've got there. :) happy birthday!!

Tina said...