Sunday, April 11, 2010

The "good side" of Rett

Last month at the natural history study, we were told to go meet another new family out in the waiting we ambushed them. Avery ate all their apples. We chatted briefly and they got called in for their appointment. We learned they lived fairly close by in Mountain View (about an hour away) and their daughter had gotten her diagnosis about 10 days before Avery had gotten hers. Their daughter is just 7 months younger than Avery and also walks and doesn't stop moving!
We didn't get any contact information from them so I went home and starting stalking them online! But I didn't know how to spell their last name, or her first name for that matter! I couldn't find her. I was bummed. Then I went to check my blog updates and up pops a new post on a blog I have been following for months-and its THEM! I had been following their blog already for MONTHS. what a dummy. I didn't put 2 and 2 together.
So I fessed up on the blog-I messaged the mom and she messaged me back. We became pen pals and exchanged many emails. We found there are so many funny little similarities in our daughters journeys. And similarities between the two of us as well.
Yesterday they all came over for a visit and lunch.
It was really like hanging out with people we had known forever and it was neat to see another little girl "playing" the way Avery "plays". There were many snacks on the floor, finger prints and mouth prints on the table, a couple falls and tons of smiles. Also forced photo opportunities.
The time went by ridiculously fast and I wished they didn't have to go. If Red didn't get called in to work, I might have asked them to stay for dinner!

So, if there is a "good side" to Rett, this is it. Meeting fantastic people with whom we have many things in common, but if not for Rett, we would never have had the privilege to know.


Owen's Mom said...

That's so awesome. I had SUCH a good time with Mary and Olivia. I totally get what you mean!

Colleen said...

Well said!

mj said...

yay! we had so much fun. glad to know we didn't overstay our welcome. when can we get together again!?

Unknown said...

Every cloud really DOES have a silver lining. You have no idea how happy I am to read this - truly, madly, sincerely. This is where and how the true healing begins...when true friendships grow out of our shared experiences and desire to fight for these sweet peas that we love so much.

Carrie and Avery said...

Erica, Kelly Butler, Terri Verjosta, and I talk everyday and are great friends. I wouldnt have these wonderful women in my life if it werent for the rett monster! Rett has taken away so much but given me so much in return :)