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Sunday, March 21, 2010

you gonna eat that?

So we have this awesome sandbox and swingset and the weather has been so fabulous so we are getting to use it. The only problem is Avery EATS THE SAND! And crunches it in her mouth-she chews it! Ewww. The more I tell her not to the more she eats. Then of course Nolan has to get in on the action. Oh well. Dont worry-we keep it covered at night so critters dont use it as a potty. Double Ewww.


The MacDonald Family said...

:) Annie does the same thing - crunch, crunch!

Dawn said...

Yep, add Reagan to team sand eater also! As well as mudd and pebbles :)

Ann Marie said...

I love the picture. He is so cute! We have the same problem with sand. We put elbow splints on Abby every time we go to the beach. She can put her fingers in the sand, but she can't bring them to her mouth.

Erica said...

i hope its a phase!
we just got Avery an arm brace and I havent seen it since Saturday! must be in the husbands car. ugh!!

mj said...

leah so does this. it kills me!!! she doesn't seem to mind, either.

i've thought about an arm brace as well. leah puts her hands in her mouth every 1.5 seconds and they STINK!