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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The "Kuh" sound!

Avery used to make a c/k sound for some word approximations she had before-like clock and clown-which were the same but she stopped using words with that sound in the beginning. She says Okay, or just K all the time. but lately-when pointing out my car-which she has always called Guh (which is what she also calls Gramma)-she has been saying Kuh instead! you can tell that she is testing it out too. On the drive home from the gym I kept looking in my rearview mirror to see what she was trying to say b/c I just kept hearing kuh, kuh, kuh. she was SO proud of herself.
Slowly but surely, she is adding words to her vocabulary! It is super exciting!


Colleen said...

Such joy, I am glad that you are soaking in the beautiful sound of her voice. That is truly exciting that she is playing with sound so much!

wowgreen dave said...

Great job Mom!Great Avery too!

Owen's Mom said...

Go Avery! How cute is that! She's kicking Owen's butt with vocabulary..

I hope he catches up!