Monday, March 29, 2010


So I thought I'd better balance things out after my last post and today has been a good day. Even though Avery stayed home from school today (bad cough) and even though the weather has taken an incredibly bad turn, its been a good day. I often wonder how it is that one day I can have zero patience and the next Im so not bothered by a thing! Today has been one of those days!

This morning Avery was downstairs "playing" a toy drum. That was cool. I got a picture of it but cant find the cord to upload it.
A trip to the grocery store with both kids was a huge success. I've been doing this a lot more lately now that Avery isnt in day care and it can be hit or miss. Avery loves to ride in the basket so that means I cant really get that much at a time-either it wont fit or she starts throwing, smashing or opening items. Today I got a good amount and not a thing was messed with.
we got out the markers and crayons today and Avery actually made a few marks on paper! That photo I have (taken with my phone)! shortly after it was taken the crayon went right in her mouth so bye bye crayons.
Maybe it was the planting I did yesterday that has me in such a good place today? I planted zucchini, pumpkins, cucumbers, watermelon, bell peppers and a new basil plant. Already put my tomatoes in last week. The watermelon and cukes are from seed so Im hoping they work out! Pictures to come soon. I cant wait till tomato time. I also planted some new containers and added to some I already had. The yard is really looking nice and we are so lucky to have our backyard! Best thing we have done to this house by far. Im going to try to get some photos of it last year to compare with this year, I know things have grown but when you look at it every day its hard to tell. Oh, this reminds me of a video I need to post. On Saturday the kids were in their room and I was washing my hands in the bathroom. Out of the corner of my eye I see something. Its a bird! In. My. House. Flew straight in the kids room. Hilarious. Wait till you see the footage.


mj said...

avery and leah are sending each other messages as to how to behave. i've been so happy today too! leah was sick and stayed home from school...and i got so much done because i cancelled everything else i had planned to be home with her. we also got out the crayons and she made a few marks! {you DEFINITELY need to try the crayola mini twistables crayons. the tip twists to the top, but it's in a plastic case. leah eats that...and can still color. it's beautiful!!!}

Erica said...

parallel lives I tell you!
I got so tired of buying every kind of crayon I could think of that I kind of gave up. Ill try the twisty ones though. good reason to get me to Target (again)

Ann Marie said...

Yay for days like today! That's awesome she's trying to use the crayons, even if she eats a little.