Monday, February 1, 2010

wishes in the dark

Another Rett mom posted this on the Rettnet listserv I belong to, just had to share:

Sometimes when she's sleeping
I can see in my mind's eye
the little girl I thought I had,
the one who said good-bye.

Sometimes when she's sleeping
hands folded by her cheek
I close my eyes and see before me
a child who can speak.

Sometimes when she's sleeping
she seems so whole and well
I can't believe she won't awaken
with dreams of which to tell.

Sometimes when she's sleeping
and the tears in my eyes overflow,
I steal what kisses I can in the dark
and wonder what joys she will know.

Sometimes when she's sleeping
and my eyes ache with tears unshed,
I pray she'll always be full of peace
as she slumbers in her bed.

Sometimes when she's sleeping
I can almost hear her say
"I love you, Mom, with my heart
and my soul, each and every day".

But always when she's sleeping
I am full of pride
at the miracle that is my daughter
and the perfection that is inside.

-----author unknown


The MacDonald Family said...

sobbing.... most beautiful thing I've ever read and wow, so true.

Carrie and Avery said...

erica, you should warm people to grab the tissues! Sobbing also!

Erica said...

i know! I should have put a warning on it! sorry to make everyone cry-but its a nice cry right? :)

Ann Marie said...

Yes, very nice, and true (as I watch Abby sleeping on the video monitor). I am totally stealing this and putting it on Abby's blog.

Unknown said...

Have been reading your blog tonight and catching up. Am thrilled with Avery's progress, and lost it when I read "wishes in the dark." So beautiful, just like Avery.