Tuesday, January 26, 2010


wowgreen International, LLC is the provider of safe, green household cleaners that
are sold and distributed to consumers through a channel of independent distributors.
The company’s mission is to free the world of toxic chemicals, one household at
a time. wowgreen’s products are manufactured from a proprietary blend of enzymes
that provide a safe, effective and all natural cleaning solution for every household
need. To fulfill the company’s “green promise,” products are packaged in reusable
containers and shipped in recyclable paper containers. By working together, we can
make the world a safer, cleaner place to live.

My older and much wiser brother just became an independent distributor of these products. I have used them myself and I must say they are pretty cool. Best part is knowing they are non-toxic and safe around my kids. Check out his blog and then check out the products!

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