Wednesday, January 27, 2010

this is what is good about a sick day

Avery spent monday and tuesday at home sick. not a big deal-just that low fever plus cough plus unbelievable amounts of snot thing thats been going around! Well, on tuesday in between nose wipes, Avery produced this masterpiece. It went right up on to the fridge and because mommy was so proud, I put todays date on it instead of yesterdays. oops. But, this is one serious drawing for a kid who a. has little interest in this activity and b. can barely hold the marker. So mommy was pretty psyched to say the least!


Kelly said...

IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!! I have a homemade "cuff" that we put around Brooklyns hand that can hold a crayon(or thin markers) - I am going to mail one to you because I have an extra!!

Erica said...

i think you might be the nicest person on the planet! i havent forgotten about your wish list-im on it!!