Sunday, January 31, 2010

I had to steal this~

And I dont even know who to give credit to!
I saw this on a message board on babycenter, a mom posted it after seeing it on a friends blog. Had to share!

If you only knew...

Lady in the waiting room,

If only you knew, what a miracle she is.
You would not be asking me why she can't tell you how old she is.

If only you knew, I have 5 children.
You would not be sharing with easily you potty trained your two year old, giving me advice.
If only you knew, she is defying the odds.
You would not be wondering why you can't understand what she is saying.

If only you knew, how many times she has been poked and cut on.
You would not be explaining to me how to wean her from her paci, she's way too old to have one.

Most days...I would explain it all to you.
I would say, she is missing an important part of a chromosome. I would share that she has heart disease and has endured more pain and fear in her short three and a half years...than we will probably ever experience. I would defend her speech, the paci, and her awkward gait.Today is not most days.
I just don't feel like sharing that much of her with you today.Sorry.

So can walk away...thinking that I am a mom with few tools.

What's sad is...I was once you. I sat with my healthy, age appropriate child and gasped at the child who was way too big to have a pacifier and still wearing a diaper. I too would have thought..."well of course I can't understand her, take the paci!" I was oblivious to processing disorders. I had no knowledge of heart disease in children, congenital anomalies, diaphragmatic hernias, the importance of perfectly formed chromosomes and I thought all developmental delays were environmental.

Ignorance is NOT bliss. We could have educated you. I'm sorry...


Lindsay said...

Wow! Powerful stuff E. I miss you so much & wish we lived closer. Avery is one lucky lil girl to have such an amazing mom. I'm lucky to have you as a friend!!

David Bessey said...

Thats a good one!