Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Another Gym Gem

I have a few times before commented on the ladies who share the locker room at our gym and their "towel style". Yesterday was a new low. As Im blow drying my hair (just in case you might have thought I was drying other body parts as some ladies do in my locker room) I look over to see a woman coming from the shower with one towel. WRAPPED AROUND HER HEAD! you know-bend over, towel on head, twist, stand up. Walked all the way to her locker that way-with just the towel on her head and all her bits just splayed out for everyone to see. YIKES.

*not the actual woman, if it was, she would not be wearing a robe!


Kelly said...

Thank you for making me LAUGH OUT LOUD!! I needed a good laugh today!!

Erica said...

yippee!!! that place is great for laughs. there is more where that came from!