Sunday, December 27, 2009


I keep telling people Christmas just isnt the same when YOU are Santa! But it was fun and we made it through. We hosted Christmas Eve at our house again with 13 people! (Our house is about 1000 sq feet!) I had everyone bring something so I was just responsible for the main dish (Stuffed pork tenderloin-YUM!) and an appetizer. Avery was pretty good with all the people and excitement. She didnt want to go to bed so we let her come back out for dinner and she sat with us and had some tastes of our food. She couldnt have a lot of it though due to her allergies. In the morning she was excited to see the gifts under the tree and waited for Nolan to wake up so they could do the presents. Nolan was super excited. Neither of them cared much for the unwrapping though. Either way, they liked it all. After presents we went to the in laws for breakfast and more gifts. We took a long walk and then had to rush home to shower, get the kids napped and make an appetizer for dinner at Red's aunt and uncles. Luckily the kids did nap! And we made it to the dinner only 45 minutes late! Avery did great with her 2nd cousins (who she doesnt see that often). she mostly kept to herself but she was happy wandering around and finding books and magazines to flip through. There was also a toy stroller that she pushed around for a while. So it went well! phew!
This week will be interesting-Avery is off allllllll week! Tuesday we have our first meeting with her Regional Center Case Manager (which is what I used to do for a living!) And Im going to have her sitter/preschool teacher here to help out with the kids. Plus we have a few other things planned. We will make it through Im sure!
Here are some pics!


Unknown said...

Aww I thought about naming my second daughter Avery too! We went with Raurie instead for my love of Gilmore Girls but, Avery was one of my favorites! Liking the blog!

Erica said...

thanks! how did you come across my blog? I love to see how that happens :) Raurie is a very pretty name too! thanks for reading!