Wednesday, November 25, 2009


We did Avery's EEG today and Im so glad its done. She didnt have to sleep so that was good b/c we could have been there all day! She protested getting the cap and wires stuck to her head and REALLY protested when it all came off, but in between we just watched DVD's, looked at books and flipped magazine pages. She got a tiny bit antsy but so did I! It took about 20-30 minutes to get her set up then 30 minutes for the test. They flashed a strobe light in front of her at one point and she wasnt really fazed by it but did take a couple swings at it!

One thing that really irks me is WHY don't they put on her chart "non-verbal" or has Rett syndrome and this is what that might look like! She kept asking Avery questions and she probably thought I was just an annoying mom answering for her. But she isnt a typical 3 year old and isnt going to choose a DVD! (we brought our own thank goodness) then she was trying to be nice and let Avery scoop the paste out of the tub with this tiny probe and Im thinking that she should know that this is not a skill Avery has! But the tech was nice. so glad Gramma came to help me hold her down! (Avery, not the tech!)

Here are a couple pics taken by Daddy who doesnt give you any warning prior to snapping away!

Oh, and they videotaped it. weird right? and guess who reads all the EEG's? yep, Dr. Victim. GREAT.


Unknown said...

Bless her sweet, sweet heart!! What a trouper!

Stacy said...

So glad it went smoothly!! She's such a cutie!

Oh no... Dr. Victim! Hopefully she's professional about it... there's no way to get it transferred to the new ped neuro? yikes! Keep us updated! Hugs!!