Monday, August 31, 2009

First real day at REAL preschool

Today Avery went back to her new school Shadelands preschool to attend her special education class. She took the bus. She was so excited and so brave. Her gramma and I pretty much cried. I held back a bit but Gramma had a couple tears as we got into my car to follow the bus to school! Yep, we followed it. I had a bunch of diapers and wipes and changes of clothes to get there anyway. She took her new backpack with her lunch and blankie and pacifier (just in case). She got on the bus happy and got off the bus HAPPY! she saw me and said Momma!!Momma!! and went on her merry way with the classroom aide! she had a great day and just smiles so big when we ask about it. She will normally go back to her regular preschool in the afternoons but today we had a meeting to go to. We are embarking on a new therpay called HANDLE. and are very excited about it. Avery didnt get to nap and was so tired but a total trooper and we are so proud. On the way home from that meeting I got a chance to look over all the stuff that came home with Avery. A communication book that will go back and forth daily, a weekly newsletter with everything they will be working on, pictures of new signs that correspond to the theme of the month (Transportation and the colors yellow and red) and a welcome letter from the teacher. This is what made me cry. Im so HAPPY we have this school and these people in her life. we have such hope for her future. I've seen a lot of her dimples lately and that means smiles and that makes me happy!! Here are some pics from this AM getting on the bus!

Monday, August 10, 2009

sharing a lollipop

Nolan was given a lollipop after his haircut which we gave to Avery b/c Nolan is a little young for a lollipop. Here is a video of Nolan getting his lollipop back!

Nolan's 1st haircut

Got his haircut at the place my husband has been going for years. I didnt go, but she did a great job and my husband took some good photos on his iphone. here are some before during and after shots! this was 08.04.09

please someone EXPLAIN unnecessary nakedness

I need help understanding the ladies in the gym who insist on being naked at all times. Walking to the shower, from the shower, in front of the mirror while getting ready, putting on lotion, have a conversation with a gym acquaintance (really?)-I mean just GET DRESSED ALREADY!!! the best is the lady who walks around with a towel around her waist like a dude with her boobs all over the place. Im not that modest, but it seems excessive! what is up with this???

Watermelon update

I picked them today. The bigger one is seriously heavy. my scale is broken so I cant weigh it but it weighs more than my 10 month old, I know that, so it's at LEAST 20 pounds. 15 inches long and 25 inches around! im totally proud-even though it was an accidental plant. I dont even like watermelon-maybe I will give it to the yards guys, after all they are the ones who spit the seeds in the back anyway!

I have cucumber babies finally and a teeny cantaloupe. and a million little green tomatoes. love it!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Hilariousness at the gym

This happened a few days ago and I keep forgetting to post about it. I was in the gym the other day getting ready after my workout and was standing in front of the mirror with my shirt off (sorry) and a little girl and her mom walk past me and I hear the girl say "mommy that lady has a stamp on her back!" This makes me laugh so hard because when my mom found out about my tattoo (about 3 years after I had gotten it) she called it the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval-because that is pretty much what it looks like! So it was something that my mom would have loved hearing. It would have been funnier had she said "mommy that lady has a TRAMP stamp on her back!" but I dont think she has learned that term just yet! :)