Saturday, July 4, 2009

What a DAY!

First, we took the kids to the pool at the country club. I get really tense usually b/c I am expecting that Avery will have at least one embarrassing and loud meltdown. Today was a day for the record books. Avery was a peach from beginning to end-this was after we tried unsuccessfully to get her to nap. We just said, forget it, she will nap later. lets go swimming. She was GREAT. Not one scream, tear or tantrum! She got an ice cream sandwich and ate it so nicely. We swam some more and left before we pushed our luck too far! At one point the four of us were in the pool and I said to my husband " I feel like a REGULAR family!" We came home and she napped. Then it was back to the club for the 4th of July party at 6. She was a saint there as well. Lasted all the way to 10:45 (when we got home) and promptly crashed. She loved the fireworks. Screamed with joy after each one. She ate a great dinner, had popcorn and ice cream. She was in heaven. And so were we! What a DAY!!

PS. Nolan of course was an angel as well. But thats not such earth shattering news!

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