Monday, July 13, 2009

A very successful birthday party!

Once again Avery has surprised us. Another great day for her on Sunday-We had her birthday party at MY GYM-invited all her preschool classmates (who for the most part are younger) and a few of our friends and their children that she knows well. I was so worried that it would be uber obvious to all the other parents who dont know Avery that she is DIFFERENT but it wasnt so bad. I mean they are probably thinking-she is a quirky child-but a happy one! She smiled the ENTIRE time, was clapping, dancing and just generally have a great time. It was such a relief. Such a big girl. Lots of love to her on her 3rd birthday!!

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Owen's Mom said...

She's so cute. Owen hasn't had a birthday party "out" yet. I'm shooting for next year!