Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tooth and Cruising at 9.5 months

Nolan's bottom tooth finally poked out over the weekend (well end of last week really) which is exciting. The one next to it seems not too far behind and the top two are sure looking ready. Pretty exciting (especially for Avery-this so far is the one thing she is advanced in-her first tooth was at 7.5 months).

He has started to cruise furniture too and can stand on his own for 15-20 seconds or so. Tonight after bath we were hanging out in their room and he went over to a basket, pulled up and before we even realized it was standing there with a toy in both hands not holding on to anything but the TOY! Of course the next time we wanted him to do it he just fell face first in to the basket! too funny.

Both kids were sick over the weekend and poor gramma had to deal with it because we were at a wedding in Tahoe. Avery couldnt go to school Monday or Tuesday and to all you stay at home moms with a toddler and an infant-HOW DO YOU DO IT?? I almost lost my mind. nothing worse than 2 sick kids cooped up all day for 2 days! Nolan now has a cold and so do I. Not happy about that. Im exhausted from the weekend and from being up with sick kids. Staying up till 4 am this past Friday playing poker didnt help either! I think its time for a loooooong vacation. Silence. Sleep. If only! :)

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