Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Talking and Dancing

Avery has been saying a lot more that sounds like English!
Tonight she said "Cacka" (cracker) several times when prompted
She is saying Ball constantly-pointing them out in books on tv and she even heard a ball bouncing and went running screaming BALL!
She names bubbles now when she sees them and has even requested them a few times.
Today I swear she said what sounded like I love you, but more likely was just wishful thinking.
oh and the best one yet is "K" for OK-typically after a question i asked-do you want me to get you more pasta-"yeah, K."
We have been doing a lot of dancing which is the best thing ever-no one has moves like she does!

Here is a cute picture of the two of them on Sat for a quick trip to costco (man I hate that place but thats a whole other post!)

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