Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Out of sick land...please.

Well so much for summer school. Avery has managed to miss 5 of the last 6 days of school and there are only 2 more left! There have only been 12 days total so far! and oops one other day because mommy had to get her hair done and there were going to be scheduling difficulties. a mom's got to do what a mom's got to do.
Anyway-the kids have had some kind of fun virus involving fevers, puke and diarrhea. not all at once or in that order. It would stop and then start up again too. Part of the reason Avery kept puking was b/c Mommy thought for some reason yogurt would be a good idea. It wasnt. Im so tired. This is the hardest part of being a mom. Seeing your kids in pain is just rough. I think Avery is finally over it all. Poor Nolan is hanging on tight to a fever but had his well check today and the Dr wasnt super concerned. In fact she said he is advanced developmentally! One delayed and one advanced! He is small though-19 pounds and 28 inches.
On a side note-we have been giving Aves a bland diet since Sunday to make sure she stops throwing up and I have noticed that her eczema is nearly GONE! So, she does have food allergies and I always wondered if there was a relationship with any foods and her eczema. I think its dairy. Im petrified to get her going on regular food again but Im going to wit a while for dairy anyway. She doesnt drink milk so thats great-but she loves yogurt. Had to head over to Trader Joes today for soy yogurt-we will try that in a few days. Also on the calendar is a visit to a holistic Dr. Im interested to see what they say and what they can do. My mother in law swears by it and why not? She took my husband there way back when he was a baby with extreme milk allergies. Apparently they can work magic and Ill try anything to help Avery!! i just hope its dairy and not wheat!
Here's to another night of restful sleep for the whole family!!

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