Thursday, July 9, 2009

Birthday girl is three!

Yesterday was Avery's actual birthday (we are celebrating this weekend). I cannot believe she is three. And while at times it hurts so much to see other kids her age and younger doing and saying so much, I am so proud of my little baby girl. She is a tough cookie and I have such promising future thoughts for her-today I was picturing that day in the future when we say to her "boy you had us worried when you were a baby-but look at you now!" Here are some pics of her on her b-day-after school playing outside with mommy daddy nolan and her poppa.


Sara said...

she is absolutely precious! Reminds of that little girl who used to do Pepsi commercials but WAY CUTER!

Owen's Mom said...

She's simply beautiful. Just a gorgeous little girl.

Happy Birthday Avery!