Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Talking and Dancing

Avery has been saying a lot more that sounds like English!
Tonight she said "Cacka" (cracker) several times when prompted
She is saying Ball constantly-pointing them out in books on tv and she even heard a ball bouncing and went running screaming BALL!
She names bubbles now when she sees them and has even requested them a few times.
Today I swear she said what sounded like I love you, but more likely was just wishful thinking.
oh and the best one yet is "K" for OK-typically after a question i asked-do you want me to get you more pasta-"yeah, K."
We have been doing a lot of dancing which is the best thing ever-no one has moves like she does!

Here is a cute picture of the two of them on Sat for a quick trip to costco (man I hate that place but thats a whole other post!)

Out of sick land...please.

Well so much for summer school. Avery has managed to miss 5 of the last 6 days of school and there are only 2 more left! There have only been 12 days total so far! and oops one other day because mommy had to get her hair done and there were going to be scheduling difficulties. a mom's got to do what a mom's got to do.
Anyway-the kids have had some kind of fun virus involving fevers, puke and diarrhea. not all at once or in that order. It would stop and then start up again too. Part of the reason Avery kept puking was b/c Mommy thought for some reason yogurt would be a good idea. It wasnt. Im so tired. This is the hardest part of being a mom. Seeing your kids in pain is just rough. I think Avery is finally over it all. Poor Nolan is hanging on tight to a fever but had his well check today and the Dr wasnt super concerned. In fact she said he is advanced developmentally! One delayed and one advanced! He is small though-19 pounds and 28 inches.
On a side note-we have been giving Aves a bland diet since Sunday to make sure she stops throwing up and I have noticed that her eczema is nearly GONE! So, she does have food allergies and I always wondered if there was a relationship with any foods and her eczema. I think its dairy. Im petrified to get her going on regular food again but Im going to wit a while for dairy anyway. She doesnt drink milk so thats great-but she loves yogurt. Had to head over to Trader Joes today for soy yogurt-we will try that in a few days. Also on the calendar is a visit to a holistic Dr. Im interested to see what they say and what they can do. My mother in law swears by it and why not? She took my husband there way back when he was a baby with extreme milk allergies. Apparently they can work magic and Ill try anything to help Avery!! i just hope its dairy and not wheat!
Here's to another night of restful sleep for the whole family!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tooth and Cruising at 9.5 months

Nolan's bottom tooth finally poked out over the weekend (well end of last week really) which is exciting. The one next to it seems not too far behind and the top two are sure looking ready. Pretty exciting (especially for Avery-this so far is the one thing she is advanced in-her first tooth was at 7.5 months).

He has started to cruise furniture too and can stand on his own for 15-20 seconds or so. Tonight after bath we were hanging out in their room and he went over to a basket, pulled up and before we even realized it was standing there with a toy in both hands not holding on to anything but the TOY! Of course the next time we wanted him to do it he just fell face first in to the basket! too funny.

Both kids were sick over the weekend and poor gramma had to deal with it because we were at a wedding in Tahoe. Avery couldnt go to school Monday or Tuesday and to all you stay at home moms with a toddler and an infant-HOW DO YOU DO IT?? I almost lost my mind. nothing worse than 2 sick kids cooped up all day for 2 days! Nolan now has a cold and so do I. Not happy about that. Im exhausted from the weekend and from being up with sick kids. Staying up till 4 am this past Friday playing poker didnt help either! I think its time for a loooooong vacation. Silence. Sleep. If only! :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

A very successful birthday party!

Once again Avery has surprised us. Another great day for her on Sunday-We had her birthday party at MY GYM-invited all her preschool classmates (who for the most part are younger) and a few of our friends and their children that she knows well. I was so worried that it would be uber obvious to all the other parents who dont know Avery that she is DIFFERENT but it wasnt so bad. I mean they are probably thinking-she is a quirky child-but a happy one! She smiled the ENTIRE time, was clapping, dancing and just generally have a great time. It was such a relief. Such a big girl. Lots of love to her on her 3rd birthday!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Its A....Watermelon baby!

the unknown plant in the backyard that many assured me was a weed and I should pull it, is in fact a watermelon which has sprouted from about 6 inches across to about 5 feet long and has at least 6 baby watermelons! here are the photos!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Birthday girl is three!

Yesterday was Avery's actual birthday (we are celebrating this weekend). I cannot believe she is three. And while at times it hurts so much to see other kids her age and younger doing and saying so much, I am so proud of my little baby girl. She is a tough cookie and I have such promising future thoughts for her-today I was picturing that day in the future when we say to her "boy you had us worried when you were a baby-but look at you now!" Here are some pics of her on her b-day-after school playing outside with mommy daddy nolan and her poppa.

baby bird! the backyard is safe again...sort of.

So the 4 speckled eggs we had hatched and for several days it was a scary thing to go out back. Both bird parents would swoop and attack if we were anywhere in the yard. I caught a glimpse of one of the babies the other night and went out to get some video. I had to quit though b/c the parents were not happy. This was the only baby we saw out of the nest. I am hoping they all made it safely out. I was out there today and the momma bird came and squawked at me a bunch so who knows...anyway- Here is baby bird #4 making his way around the yard!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Nolan has started pulling up on EVERYTHING

Really new for us around here b/c Avery did not do this on time! He is climbing into the cabinets, pulling up on the safety gate, the coffee table etc. All since Saturday the 5th. Here is a video of him last night.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

What a DAY!

First, we took the kids to the pool at the country club. I get really tense usually b/c I am expecting that Avery will have at least one embarrassing and loud meltdown. Today was a day for the record books. Avery was a peach from beginning to end-this was after we tried unsuccessfully to get her to nap. We just said, forget it, she will nap later. lets go swimming. She was GREAT. Not one scream, tear or tantrum! She got an ice cream sandwich and ate it so nicely. We swam some more and left before we pushed our luck too far! At one point the four of us were in the pool and I said to my husband " I feel like a REGULAR family!" We came home and she napped. Then it was back to the club for the 4th of July party at 6. She was a saint there as well. Lasted all the way to 10:45 (when we got home) and promptly crashed. She loved the fireworks. Screamed with joy after each one. She ate a great dinner, had popcorn and ice cream. She was in heaven. And so were we! What a DAY!!

PS. Nolan of course was an angel as well. But thats not such earth shattering news!