Monday, June 1, 2009

Not on the Spectrum!

Avery was evaluated (again) by a clinical psychologist last wednesday who determined that whatever is causing Avery's delays is most likely not something in the Autism family!  so thats good news.  BUT, we still don't know the cause of her delays or how significant they are.  Avery refused to do most of the tasks she was asked to do.  The Dr.  went to see her at her preschool this morning to try again-havent heard back.  This Dr. was the first of many to give us some hope that she could possibly "catch up"...this ride is a roller coaster, ups and down and just when you think the ride might be coming to a stop, it flips you upside down and through a loop! I got a call today from a special ed teacher in our district asking me to come visit her class this week as it may be a possible placement for Avery. It is a "severely handicapped" class and that really knocked me over to hear that on the phone today.  But, I may have something completely wrong in my mind about what that means and it might be great.  Ill keep ya posted!

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