Monday, June 29, 2009


Went to Tahoe for my 35th. Just the 2 of us. We had a blast. Rafted the Truckee river twice! too relaxing and perfect.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Avery loves the car wash!


not too far but he is a crawler for sure now. we actually caught his first "steps" on Tuesday night!
when I find out how to edit the video so it isnt too long Ill post it!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Avery's IEP

Friday was Avery's IEP with the school district. I was dreading it b/c in my past life I used to go to IEP's as part of my job! So I know all about them and how they can be awful and emotional. But, We lucked out and got a great team of people who really seem to care about us and Avery. They also have a lot of hope for her to progress and eventually move out of special education all together. (hopefully!) The school psychologist came to our home last week to discuss the results of her assessments so that we werent surprised by anything at the meeting which I thought was nice. They have coded her as having an "intellectual disability" (aka mental retardation) because its the only box she "fits"-but I dont believe she has MR. We wont truly know until she is much older. But in order for her to get the services she needs, thats the box they have to check. The PT, OT, SLP and school psych all gave reports and goals. They had asked us to come up with our own goals and it was pretty cool b/c most of the goals developed were ones on our list so we are all on the same page. She will start at the spec ed preschool on July 9th (a day after she turns 3) for extended school year, then will have august off (back full time at her curent school, then starts the year on 8/31). I met with the teacher and saw the class a week or so ago and it was really nice. Im a little wary about the change (I dont like change!) but Im sure once she gets used to it, it will be great. She will go 4 days a week, 8:30-12:10. Speech 2x week for 30 min each, OT and PT 1x a week for 30 min each plus 15 min consult for each. I was hoping for more speech but since it is so embedded in the class with the use of PECS for everything I figured lets try it and see what happens. If we need to later on we will supplement with private pay. She will also be able to take the bus but Im not quite ready for that yet. but it will be nice in the future b/c the school is not my school of residence and is at least 15 minutes away. She will be going back to her current regular preschool in the afternoons so thats going to be a lot of driving for me!

Im proud of myself for not crying in the meeting. I thought I would. Its hard to hear what your kid cant do and should be doing-but everyone was so positive and set good high goals so that made it better.

Also another good thing is that I know one of the speech therapists that works in the school. She is the older sister of a good friend so it will be great to have a familiar face there when we arrive !! we are feeling excited and positive about her upcoming progress. She had a great day today-such a happy little booger-no tantrums or meltdowns -those are GREAT days!!

yep, i jinxed it. you Never call a no hitter!

So, yes, I jinxed it by blogging about Avery's sleep habits. She was up that night from about 4-5:30am. started with a party and ended with a meltdown. which then made me meltdown as well (happening a lot lately!) but since its been ok! ooops. shouldnt have said that!

Monday, June 8, 2009


Avery has been sleeping so much better lately!! On Thursday we started her on Zyrtec for her allergies at the suggestion of the allergist we saw. Typically she wakes up at least 4 times and we go in and find her scratching her eczema! poor girl. She still wakes up about once or twice before we get to bed but for the past three nights, has not woken up past midnight once!  Its so exciting.  I hope Im not jinxing it.  crap.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Visit to the Allergist

Took Avery to the allergist today because of her excema, seasonal and recent food allergies (avocado, watermelon and banana).  She was such  a good girl, minus one major meltdown (with no known cause!) in the office prior to the Dr. coming in.  During the consultation, she was an angel and then we headed to the lab to get blood drawn (new way to test for allergies).  She was such a trooper and didnt even shed one tear when they poked her.  She got a band aid on her boo-boo and 2 stickers and was skipping out of the place!  Too funny.  quirky for sure!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Not on the Spectrum!

Avery was evaluated (again) by a clinical psychologist last wednesday who determined that whatever is causing Avery's delays is most likely not something in the Autism family!  so thats good news.  BUT, we still don't know the cause of her delays or how significant they are.  Avery refused to do most of the tasks she was asked to do.  The Dr.  went to see her at her preschool this morning to try again-havent heard back.  This Dr. was the first of many to give us some hope that she could possibly "catch up"...this ride is a roller coaster, ups and down and just when you think the ride might be coming to a stop, it flips you upside down and through a loop! I got a call today from a special ed teacher in our district asking me to come visit her class this week as it may be a possible placement for Avery. It is a "severely handicapped" class and that really knocked me over to hear that on the phone today.  But, I may have something completely wrong in my mind about what that means and it might be great.  Ill keep ya posted!