Sunday, May 10, 2009

our new yard!

we found a great landscaping company Bert Bouler Landscaping and we now have a new yard! Bert was great, spent a lot of time in the estimate process speaking with me, drawing plans etc.  He really stuck to our budget and helped me cut costs by getting us free mulch and paring things down as needed.  His guys on the crew were AMAZING-super hard workers and they left the yard so neat each day.  He works in association with Diane McGovern who is the "plant lady"-she came over to see the yard, ask questions and get an idea of budget.  She was well worth it, I loved everything she brought and she also saved me money-love that! It only took them a week to dig beds, rototill, re-route our sprinkler system, install 4 arbors that they built, plant, lay mulch, build 3 vegetable planters, lay partial sod and fix our sprinklers in the front. Oh and they installed a new sprinkler timer.  Here are a few pics-our yard before was just a big square of grass!

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