Thursday, April 2, 2009

What a difference a GOOD Speech Therapist makes!

Today we had Avery's 2nd visit to her newest (and third in as many months) speech therapist, Jill.  Last week didn't count because I was too dense to bring Avery's beloved "DeeDee" (blankie) and she melted down and we couldn't get her calm enough to do anything.  
Today I brought DeeDee, Bubba (paci) and Buggy (stuffed ladybug) just to be on the safe side!  And it went GREAT.  Even with her Bubba in her mouth for 75% of the session, Jill managed to get her to say UP, OPEN, OFF, ON and OUT!  
wait, WHAT???? If I hadn't been in there to see it myself, I wouldn't have believed it.  A few things about Jill that work-
  • she has kids-not to say that people without kids can't relate to other kids but there is a whole other level of understanding when you are a parent yourself.
  • she LIKES kids!-Im convinced our last ST  pretty much hated children, or at least Avery (which Im sure is close to impossible, but I am biased)
  • she knows sign language and knows how to teach it!  our 1st therapist didn't know it and our 2nd didn't know how to teach it or what to teach.  She thought my almost 3 year old who is VERY delayed in speech should learn how to sign sheep, cow, pig, goat and horse! Jill is teaching her functional words.  thank goodness someone who gets it!
  • she communicates to me what I can do at home and shows me exactly what to do.  she even called me last week and spoke to me for a half hour after our ruined session to get to know what we were looking for etc.
Basically Jill is awesome and I can't wait to hear what Avery will say next!

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Unknown said...

great help thamks planning on going for st have an interview soon :)avery sounds adorable