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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A post for my mom....

Damn.  I should have done this on Sunday.  It was my mom's birthday Sunday, it would have been the right day to remember her.  Even though I remember her every day.  It's so hard to believe she has been gone for over 2 years.  She would have turned 66 on Sunday and she would have HATED that!  She definitely grew old gracefully all the while commenting on all the other ladies who had had "work done".  She wanted a face lift so bad, and in the end I think she realized it never mattered.  It was fun to talk about it though (and she did get her eyes done).  I think she just secretly wanted me to tell her how beautiful she was and why in the hell would you do that to your face.  That is what I always said.  She was beautiful.  On the outside for sure and in other ways as well.  She could be the most negative person at times, but when I was in pain, sad, hurt, or whatever-she knew just what to say to me and always had the most positive attitude.  She would have walked to the ends of the earth for us kids if she had to.  She was an extremely thoughtful and generous person-more so than I could ever try to be. She had amazing style and elegance that I am hoping will one day appear in me.  She wanted her family to have everything that she did not and she spoiled us.  She spoiled her clients as well.  She worked as long as I can remember but I also remember her always having some sort of special treat for us on the first day of school.  Im so glad she was my mom.  She taught me well.  Im still so angry that she got ALS...I just wish I had known when I was little that my mom would be gone when I was 33-I would have treated her much better along the way....
miss you mommy-love you so much.

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