Friday, April 24, 2009

1st ER trip and call to 911

So On Sunday we headed to the country club for breakfast and on the way in, Avery took a huge header on the asphalt. She has fallen a MILLION times before but with the whole Natasha Richardson thing, we headed to the ER.  Plus the fact that her bump swelled up within seconds, larger than any other bump I have seen.  I knew she was fine and didnt panic-but I wanted her seen.  The ER was NOT what I expected.  I was picturing blood and urgency and panic.  It was like the waiting room at the dentists office!  No sense of urgency whatsoever!  Long story short, we were sent to the minor injury clinic and she was sent away (after waiting 2 hours) with a clean bill of health.  We were given a sheet of paper listing all the things we should look for...seizures, vomiting, excessive sleepiness etc.  So that night, she goes to bed and isnt sleeping well.  I let her come out and sit on the couch with me for a bit.  She goes back to bed, i give Nolan a bottle and before I know it, its 1am. I go to bed, get cozy and I hear her coughing.  I go in and she has vomited! I wake Ryan up and say we have to call 911.  I call, they send the paramedics out.  By the time they arrive I have realized that she puked b/c she coughed really hard and this is what always happens when she coughs hard!  But at least we got the 911 call out of the way.  She is totally fine now.  We went back to the scene of the accident right after and had lunch at the club.  Here she is in all her ketchup glory!

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