Friday, April 24, 2009

1st ER trip and call to 911

So On Sunday we headed to the country club for breakfast and on the way in, Avery took a huge header on the asphalt. She has fallen a MILLION times before but with the whole Natasha Richardson thing, we headed to the ER.  Plus the fact that her bump swelled up within seconds, larger than any other bump I have seen.  I knew she was fine and didnt panic-but I wanted her seen.  The ER was NOT what I expected.  I was picturing blood and urgency and panic.  It was like the waiting room at the dentists office!  No sense of urgency whatsoever!  Long story short, we were sent to the minor injury clinic and she was sent away (after waiting 2 hours) with a clean bill of health.  We were given a sheet of paper listing all the things we should look for...seizures, vomiting, excessive sleepiness etc.  So that night, she goes to bed and isnt sleeping well.  I let her come out and sit on the couch with me for a bit.  She goes back to bed, i give Nolan a bottle and before I know it, its 1am. I go to bed, get cozy and I hear her coughing.  I go in and she has vomited! I wake Ryan up and say we have to call 911.  I call, they send the paramedics out.  By the time they arrive I have realized that she puked b/c she coughed really hard and this is what always happens when she coughs hard!  But at least we got the 911 call out of the way.  She is totally fine now.  We went back to the scene of the accident right after and had lunch at the club.  Here she is in all her ketchup glory!

Monday, April 13, 2009


We got a new fish!

Avery has a fish named Fishy at school and we decided we should get a fish too!  Today I took her to PetCo to get a Betta.  Since Nolan is still on vacation in Windsor with Gramma, we had a nice little mommy and Avery outing.  We picked a really cool looking male Betta, got the cheap starter kit tank and here he is!  We are naming him Duckie (that's a whole other story!)
I have a feeling we have more complicated fish/fish tanks in our future.  Im hooked.

Fair Trade

On Sunday, my mother in law and our family friend Barb, took a stroll through downtown Healdsburg b/c the guys were busy sitting on the couch on a gorgeous day watching the Masters.  We found a cute shop open called One World Fair Trade-from their website: 
We are committed to trading fairly with artisans in the developing world.

We are affiliated with fair trade organizations that guarantee fair wages to artisans for their work. 
Fair pay for 
Third World artisans, good value for you, great gifts for your friends.

We are also committed to providing a delightful shopping experience for our customers.

It was a delightful experience for sure. the ladies that worked there were super nice.
I found these awesome trivets made from recycled newspapers! Love them!! Here is more info about the women who make the items

Windsor Trip

This weekend we went up to Windsor (Sonoma County-about 5 miles south of Healdsburg) to stay with Ryan's parents for a few days.  It was a lot of fun.  Lots of candy and swimming.  We had a nice Easter and Avery LOVED all the treats the Easter Bunny brought her.  

One of the best parts though was on Saturday.  Ryan and his Dad played golf that morning and they were paired with 2 other guys.  One of the guys (Brendan Malm) says he owns a wine company and offered to bring us all to the winery where he rents space to make his wines.  (He grows his fruit elsewhere).  We took the kids and met him in downtown Healdsburg....I kept joking that this could either be really good or really bad!  We didnt know this guy at all!  But, I met him and he seemed super nice, a Dad of two young ones about Avery and Nolan's age.  So we followed him up this winding road, up a dirt road and through an iron gate to the most beautiful piece of property I think I have ever seen.  Of course, no camera.  I was conserving the battery.  Acres and acres of vines, beautifully lanscaped in the most vibrant greens and plums.A pond with a trellised deck and a swing.  The owners estate sat up in the hill-he took us up there to check out the property and it was incredible.  We got to go behind the scenes and taste wines from barrels and tanks.  Then he opened several bottles for us to taste.  Delicious.  We asked all kinds of stupid questions.  It was so much fun.  We bought a case of their Alexander Valley Pinot and he hand waxed each bottle for us!  They dont sell to stores, only restaurants at this time-but if you ever see a wine from Malm Cellars on a wine list-try it!  

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


We did it today-Nolan and I embarked on the wonderful journey of solids!  Not sure why they consider this mush "solid" but whatever.  At first he was spurting it out just like water from whale's blowhole!  but we were still making progress and the bib was staying pretty clean.  After a while, he got the hang of it and was keeping all of the spoonful in his mouth, mushing it around and swallowing!  YAY.  Here is proof. (I still cant remember to put the pictures n reverse order-so look from bottom to top!)

A post for my mom....

Damn.  I should have done this on Sunday.  It was my mom's birthday Sunday, it would have been the right day to remember her.  Even though I remember her every day.  It's so hard to believe she has been gone for over 2 years.  She would have turned 66 on Sunday and she would have HATED that!  She definitely grew old gracefully all the while commenting on all the other ladies who had had "work done".  She wanted a face lift so bad, and in the end I think she realized it never mattered.  It was fun to talk about it though (and she did get her eyes done).  I think she just secretly wanted me to tell her how beautiful she was and why in the hell would you do that to your face.  That is what I always said.  She was beautiful.  On the outside for sure and in other ways as well.  She could be the most negative person at times, but when I was in pain, sad, hurt, or whatever-she knew just what to say to me and always had the most positive attitude.  She would have walked to the ends of the earth for us kids if she had to.  She was an extremely thoughtful and generous person-more so than I could ever try to be. She had amazing style and elegance that I am hoping will one day appear in me.  She wanted her family to have everything that she did not and she spoiled us.  She spoiled her clients as well.  She worked as long as I can remember but I also remember her always having some sort of special treat for us on the first day of school.  Im so glad she was my mom.  She taught me well.  Im still so angry that she got ALS...I just wish I had known when I was little that my mom would be gone when I was 33-I would have treated her much better along the way....
miss you mommy-love you so much.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Nolan's Half Birthday!

Nolan is 6 months old today! I had lofty goals of starting him on solids today and getting some cute pics of him eating but he had other plans.  He is sick with the cold his big sissy lovingly handed down and has been so fussy today.  From about 8-10 tonight he was so so cranky.  We tried it all and he just got worse!  then my husband threw him in the Snugli and he was out in about a minute flat!  Here are some pics of him sleeping on Daddy in the Snugli on his half birthday!!
I can't believe half a year has passed~wow.

What a difference a GOOD Speech Therapist makes!

Today we had Avery's 2nd visit to her newest (and third in as many months) speech therapist, Jill.  Last week didn't count because I was too dense to bring Avery's beloved "DeeDee" (blankie) and she melted down and we couldn't get her calm enough to do anything.  
Today I brought DeeDee, Bubba (paci) and Buggy (stuffed ladybug) just to be on the safe side!  And it went GREAT.  Even with her Bubba in her mouth for 75% of the session, Jill managed to get her to say UP, OPEN, OFF, ON and OUT!  
wait, WHAT???? If I hadn't been in there to see it myself, I wouldn't have believed it.  A few things about Jill that work-
  • she has kids-not to say that people without kids can't relate to other kids but there is a whole other level of understanding when you are a parent yourself.
  • she LIKES kids!-Im convinced our last ST  pretty much hated children, or at least Avery (which Im sure is close to impossible, but I am biased)
  • she knows sign language and knows how to teach it!  our 1st therapist didn't know it and our 2nd didn't know how to teach it or what to teach.  She thought my almost 3 year old who is VERY delayed in speech should learn how to sign sheep, cow, pig, goat and horse! Jill is teaching her functional words.  thank goodness someone who gets it!
  • she communicates to me what I can do at home and shows me exactly what to do.  she even called me last week and spoke to me for a half hour after our ruined session to get to know what we were looking for etc.
Basically Jill is awesome and I can't wait to hear what Avery will say next!