Wednesday, March 11, 2009

OK, I think I get it now!

So after many minutes typing all those updates and then not being able to get the photos in the right place-I get how to do it now.  Obviously I will from now on do more regular updates - so I wont have a bunch of old and random pics for you to see all out of order!  Bear with me!

Nolan is almost sitting on his own.  He can do it for a few seconds before he goes "timberrrrrrrr"!  He rolls both ways but not very often.  He likes to get all the way on his side and then look around....

Avery is doing so great.  Just in the last month or so she has used a crayon correctly, played with play-doh without eating it (for a few minutes at least!) and kicked a ball!!  We are working on catching and throwing as well.  She is so much more confident with her gross motor skills due to her awesome PT Lesah.  She walks in and out our front door like nobody's business and grabs the rail to go down the stairs.  Its awesome to see her getting so much better.  We took her SMO's (her shoe inserts) out last week and so far she seems to be doing much better.  Her gait is much smoother and she is falling down less.  There are pros and cons to not wearing them and we will discuss with the PT next week on that.  I love not having them anymore though!  Also new is her pressure vest.  Basically it is made of wetsuit material with velcro on each side and over the shoulders so you can make it real tight.  It gives her sensory input that she needs to focus on tasks (art projects, speech therapy, circle time etc...)-Avery goes to a fabulous preschool called Sunrise Children's Center from 9-4 M-F. We love it.  They have been so accommodating and they allow her therapists to come work with her there.  It's still hard to see how behind she is compared to her classmates...and she wont move up to the next class with her age group which is happening next week.  But those kids dont know any different-least of all Avery!  So it's fine.  She will still be with her teachers that she loves so that is nice.  She'll move up soon enough!

Avery now says CHEESE!!  She also says DUCK, BUG (or duckee and buggy) and is waving regularly.  She is helping more get her clothes off and takes her diaper off on her own.  She sits on the potty too (nothing happens but she sits!) She knows so much and we just can't wait till she is speaking English!! So exciting!

Soon, I will post some more in depth info about Avery and all her quirks!

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