Friday, March 27, 2009


Thats what I heard late last night from my little buddy.  He is making those mmmm sounds now and its too cute. Almost a "mama" but I know better than to think he is actually saying my name!  
He is also trying hard to get some sort of movement in that little body when on his tummy-see photos.  He gets one knee up sort of.  Its going to be so weird to have a crawling baby in this house.  It freaks me out when I see babies crawl b/c Avery never did it until she was a toddler.  Nolan will be 6 months on Thursday the 2nd and I really cant figure out where the time went!  People are always saying "its goes so fast" and it truly does.  This is our last baby and i am trying to cherish all the little baby moments.  I had Avery in my lap last night reading stories and it hit me that pretty soon she will be too big to sit in my lap and wont want to one day.  Its amazing that the whole point of having kids is for them to grow up and be happy and become independent b/c its the hardest part of the whole trip!  

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Lindsay said...

How fun! I can't wait for Evan to start saying momma! Right now, I'm just elated that he's smiling when he sees me :) Keep posting those pics ... I love 'em! xo