Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Last night!

Avery and I were "downstairs" (our bonus room that is 3 steps down from the kitchen) and we were heading back upstairs with her in front of me.  Usually she puts her right hand on the wall and holds your hand with her left...last night she just used the wall and was carrying a book in her left hand-she didnt need my help AT ALL! for all three steps!!  Wait till the PT comes today and she hears that!

Today we are having PT at home instead of school so I can see for myself what they are doing, even though she writes me fabulous detailed notes each week.  :)

Here are some pictures of Avery running around this morning in her jammies with "buggie" (her newest obsession, a little ladybug she got for xmas in 2007!) trying to jump!  She almost has it!

Also some of Nolan last night after his bath.  He can pretty much sit on his own now!!!

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