Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Just getting the hang of this blog business!

Avery's preschool party!
12.25.08-Xmas morning
Family pic on xmas
Yet another xmas party-liking santa this year but not super excited about him!
My first playgroup!
Walk to Defeat ALS 2008

Breakfast with Santa at CCCC.

Avery meets Nolan for the first time.
Mommy and Daddy meet Nolan for the first time 10.02.08
Avery's last day as an only child!
Flower girl
practicing being a flower girl with Emerson

So it's been a while since I have posted.  Too many hours on facebook I suppose.  The purpose of this was to keep everyone up to date on whats going on with Avery and now her little brother Nolan.  A lot has happened since Aug of 2008:  

08.29.08-Avery visited the dentist for her second "happy visit" basically they sit her in the chair, show her all the tools and try as hard as they can to at least get a look at her teeth!  She did well and got a new toothbrush, a toy and a sticker!  

09.08.08-Avery visited her pediatric neurologist (Dr. Hayward) who is following her (we arent really sure why!) and the visit went well.  We still don't know exactly what the heck is causing all of Avery's delays...but we are working on that!

09.19.08-Auntie Tara and Uncle Brad's wedding rehearsal!  Avery did really well but wanted to go on a walk with daddy and ended up falling flat on her face resulting in a nice big goose egg smack in the middle of her forehead!  perfect for her role as flower girl!!

09.20.08-Auntie Tara and Uncle Brad's wedding day.  Daddy dropped Avery off at the Lafayette Park hotel to get ready with the ladies. She looked so cute in her dress.  She wanted to walk down the aisle with mommy (which was great for me because I was 8.5 months pregnant!) and she did great-handing her bouquet to everyone we passed. 

09.26.08-We woke up to the sounds of little feet coming towards our room, I sat up and there is my cutie laughing up a storm because she used her stool and got out of her big girl bed all by herself!!  We were sooooo excited!  (even though it was about 6am!)

10.01.08-Avery went to gramma and poppas house to stay for a few days so that we could go to the hospital to deliver her little brother Nolan William on 10.02.08!

10.02.08-Avery came to meet her little brother for the first time. She was more interested in laughing and screaming in the little post partum room and we had to kick her out! :)

10.19.08-Avery and Nolan joined us all at the annual Walk to Defeat ALS at Lake Merritt in memory of my mom.  What a beautiful day and a great way to raise much needed funds for ALS research!

11.10.08-Mommy and Nolan started baby boot camp again 3 days a week at the Lafayette Reservoir!  ouch!

11.25.08-Avery was re-evaluated by Regional Center of the East Bay and finally qualified for Occupational Therapy, Physical therapy and Speech!  yay.  Also we heard the term "sensory processing disorder" for the first time. More on that later...

12.02.08-Nolan had his 2 month appt with his pediatrician Dr. Martino.  Avery went for a hearing exam and passed with flying colors!

12.06.08-Breakfast with Santa at the country club.  Avery would not go near Santa in 2007, this year we got her on his lap! YES!

12.22.08-Avery had her 1st speech appt.  It went ok-we ended up switching therapists...

12.23.08-Avery had her preschool holiday party and sat with Santa there too!

12.25.08-Nolan's 1st christmas!  Avery was spoiled by her gramma, poppa and auntie's and uncles!  

12.29.08-Avery went to Suma Kids for her OT assessment-she qualified through RCEB, but had to be assessed by an actual OT.  She was eligible.  She had a great time at this assessment b/c of all the fun stuff she got to do.  This is where I truly saw what they meant about Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)-they wanted her to put small blocks into a cup and she would not do it.  The OT then put her on a large platform swing and swayed it slightly then had Avery do that same task and she DID IT!  so crazy how that works. 

12.30.08-Lesah, Avery's PT came over for an assessment.  She was fabulous and we continue to love her!!

01.09.09-Nolan's first playgroup with his buddies, Rhys Williams, Jacqueline Stoddard, Paxton Brune, Taylor Stevens, Zack Roder, & Case Jacobson!!

01.23.09-Avery started with her awesome OT, Ginny.  She brings the best toys and does some really fun stuff with her!  She is working on fine motor skills (like using a crayon and utensils) and also some large muscle stuff like catching, throwing and kicking.

02.03.09-Nolan had his 4 month checkup-all went well, 13.5 pounds!

That's it for the catch up update! Ill try to be more on top of things and keep you up with all of Avery and Nolan's milestones!

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