Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sick Day

Oh what a night! Isn't that a Four Seasons song?  If I were to sing it today it would have a much different tone!  Last night was a nightmare.  Avery is sick and Nolan wants to eat every 2 hours.  I even got out the earplugs.  In between the kids being awake, the husband was snoring.  I think I might have gotten 5 hours?  maybe.  but 5 hours of interrupted sleep is the equivalent to about 1 hour.  
To top it off, Avery was too sick to go to school today.  Which means I wont get too much done.  She has been pretty great so far.  Poor thing really just wants to chill out.  A few minutes ago she was happily pushing Nolan in his jumper and then his swing.  Here are some photos.  I hope tonight is better than last!

Friday, March 27, 2009


Thats what I heard late last night from my little buddy.  He is making those mmmm sounds now and its too cute. Almost a "mama" but I know better than to think he is actually saying my name!  
He is also trying hard to get some sort of movement in that little body when on his tummy-see photos.  He gets one knee up sort of.  Its going to be so weird to have a crawling baby in this house.  It freaks me out when I see babies crawl b/c Avery never did it until she was a toddler.  Nolan will be 6 months on Thursday the 2nd and I really cant figure out where the time went!  People are always saying "its goes so fast" and it truly does.  This is our last baby and i am trying to cherish all the little baby moments.  I had Avery in my lap last night reading stories and it hit me that pretty soon she will be too big to sit in my lap and wont want to one day.  Its amazing that the whole point of having kids is for them to grow up and be happy and become independent b/c its the hardest part of the whole trip!  

Monday, March 23, 2009

Sibling LOVE!

So finally after almost 6 months, Avery might be realizing that Nolan is kind of cute and fun!  Yesterday after an awful morning at a friends b-day party (mommy just being faced with how delayed Avery is and Avery having a meltdown causing mommy to have a meltdown) she went to give Nolan some hugs and was laughing and giggling at him.  It was so cute and I ran to get my camera.  I missed out on the first few interactions and took about a million shots and these were the cutest.  It lasted for almost 5 minutes!  I loved every second!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tantrums and Standing

So after school the other day Avery had a full on tantrum (not really sure why) and threw herself on the floor kicking and screaming.  I thought it was kind of funny so I took some pics!

Today we took the kids to the club for lunch and Avery was such a big girl!  She sat in her booster seat quietly and colored a bit while waiting for food.  She ate ALL her homemade mac-n-cheese and ALL her fruit and was just so good.  We were VERY proud of her.  I wish I had thought to bring my camera and that reminds me that I need to get a little camera b/c my big one is so bulky.  she looked too cute in her little dress and tights.

When we got home Red tried having Nolan stand up while holding the coffee table and here is our little almost 6 month old standing!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Last night!

Avery and I were "downstairs" (our bonus room that is 3 steps down from the kitchen) and we were heading back upstairs with her in front of me.  Usually she puts her right hand on the wall and holds your hand with her left...last night she just used the wall and was carrying a book in her left hand-she didnt need my help AT ALL! for all three steps!!  Wait till the PT comes today and she hears that!

Today we are having PT at home instead of school so I can see for myself what they are doing, even though she writes me fabulous detailed notes each week.  :)

Here are some pictures of Avery running around this morning in her jammies with "buggie" (her newest obsession, a little ladybug she got for xmas in 2007!) trying to jump!  She almost has it!

Also some of Nolan last night after his bath.  He can pretty much sit on his own now!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Sensory Processing Disorder

So this is so far what we think Avery "has".  At her last evaluation for early intervention services in November (which are FREE by the way!), one of the evaluators mentioned this term-sensory processing disorder-after observing Avery for about 15 minutes.  We had never heard of it.  I love GOOGLE and I've done some reading on it -it seems to make the most sense right now as far as any labels for her issues.  Avery is more under-responsive and also a sensory "seeker".  She is not sensory defensive at all and this is a blessing-sensory defensiveness can be a real pain in the butt to deal with.  These are the kids who can't wear certain clothes, have tantrums from certain noises, don't like their hands or faces to be dirty and are just plain over sensitive to things that should not set them off.  Avery NEEDS stimulation and SEEKS it out.  Her muscles are weak and she is clumsy. When Avery was first seeing a PT back in 2007, the PT mentioned it being a sensory thing as a reason for why she wouldn't crawl.  Now it makes sense, she didn't like the way it felt to be on her hands and knees and therefore figured out a new way to move around (scooting on her butt).  Lots of kids with SPD have motor issues and low tone as infants like Avery did.  Lots of kids with SPD also have speech delays which is Avery's main hurdle these days.  She has some crappy behaviors that we think are all stemming from the fact that she can't yet verbalize what she wants to say (biting, hitting, scratching).  This makes it awfully hard to be around other kids her age or younger-they almost all say and do WAY more than she can do and it makes me so sad. That is by far the hardest part of all this-that and not knowing what to expect for her future.

We aren't sure if SPD is in fact the cause of her speech delays (or any of her delays for that matter) or if there is something else coming down the line for us.  She will be evaluated in May/June by Regional Center to rule out PDD-Pervasive Developmental Disorder and any ASD's-Autism Spectrum Disorders.

The great thing is she is responding so well to her therapists (well all except her pediatric Speech/Language Pathologist who I am not sure knows that pediatric = kids because she seems to have no love or joy in her heart for children!-we are getting a new one!) and making daily progress.  I get teary eyed seeing her do the little things that we may have otherwise taken for granted.  She colored with crayons for the first time 3 weeks ago.  I cried and clapped and laughed all at the same time.  She kicked a ball this past week, I got misty.  She fights us but she takes her shoes and socks off now and tries to get her pants down on her own. She certainly determined and confident (got that from my mom for sure) and we are so hopeful that one day in the near future we will look back and say "boy you caused us lots of gray hairs when you were little-but look at you now!"  Im pretty certain though, that no matter what the future holds for her, we will be saying that anyway!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

OK, I think I get it now!

So after many minutes typing all those updates and then not being able to get the photos in the right place-I get how to do it now.  Obviously I will from now on do more regular updates - so I wont have a bunch of old and random pics for you to see all out of order!  Bear with me!

Nolan is almost sitting on his own.  He can do it for a few seconds before he goes "timberrrrrrrr"!  He rolls both ways but not very often.  He likes to get all the way on his side and then look around....

Avery is doing so great.  Just in the last month or so she has used a crayon correctly, played with play-doh without eating it (for a few minutes at least!) and kicked a ball!!  We are working on catching and throwing as well.  She is so much more confident with her gross motor skills due to her awesome PT Lesah.  She walks in and out our front door like nobody's business and grabs the rail to go down the stairs.  Its awesome to see her getting so much better.  We took her SMO's (her shoe inserts) out last week and so far she seems to be doing much better.  Her gait is much smoother and she is falling down less.  There are pros and cons to not wearing them and we will discuss with the PT next week on that.  I love not having them anymore though!  Also new is her pressure vest.  Basically it is made of wetsuit material with velcro on each side and over the shoulders so you can make it real tight.  It gives her sensory input that she needs to focus on tasks (art projects, speech therapy, circle time etc...)-Avery goes to a fabulous preschool called Sunrise Children's Center from 9-4 M-F. We love it.  They have been so accommodating and they allow her therapists to come work with her there.  It's still hard to see how behind she is compared to her classmates...and she wont move up to the next class with her age group which is happening next week.  But those kids dont know any different-least of all Avery!  So it's fine.  She will still be with her teachers that she loves so that is nice.  She'll move up soon enough!

Avery now says CHEESE!!  She also says DUCK, BUG (or duckee and buggy) and is waving regularly.  She is helping more get her clothes off and takes her diaper off on her own.  She sits on the potty too (nothing happens but she sits!) She knows so much and we just can't wait till she is speaking English!! So exciting!

Soon, I will post some more in depth info about Avery and all her quirks!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Just getting the hang of this blog business!

Avery's preschool party!
12.25.08-Xmas morning
Family pic on xmas
Yet another xmas party-liking santa this year but not super excited about him!
My first playgroup!
Walk to Defeat ALS 2008

Breakfast with Santa at CCCC.

Avery meets Nolan for the first time.
Mommy and Daddy meet Nolan for the first time 10.02.08
Avery's last day as an only child!
Flower girl
practicing being a flower girl with Emerson

So it's been a while since I have posted.  Too many hours on facebook I suppose.  The purpose of this was to keep everyone up to date on whats going on with Avery and now her little brother Nolan.  A lot has happened since Aug of 2008:  

08.29.08-Avery visited the dentist for her second "happy visit" basically they sit her in the chair, show her all the tools and try as hard as they can to at least get a look at her teeth!  She did well and got a new toothbrush, a toy and a sticker!  

09.08.08-Avery visited her pediatric neurologist (Dr. Hayward) who is following her (we arent really sure why!) and the visit went well.  We still don't know exactly what the heck is causing all of Avery's delays...but we are working on that!

09.19.08-Auntie Tara and Uncle Brad's wedding rehearsal!  Avery did really well but wanted to go on a walk with daddy and ended up falling flat on her face resulting in a nice big goose egg smack in the middle of her forehead!  perfect for her role as flower girl!!

09.20.08-Auntie Tara and Uncle Brad's wedding day.  Daddy dropped Avery off at the Lafayette Park hotel to get ready with the ladies. She looked so cute in her dress.  She wanted to walk down the aisle with mommy (which was great for me because I was 8.5 months pregnant!) and she did great-handing her bouquet to everyone we passed. 

09.26.08-We woke up to the sounds of little feet coming towards our room, I sat up and there is my cutie laughing up a storm because she used her stool and got out of her big girl bed all by herself!!  We were sooooo excited!  (even though it was about 6am!)

10.01.08-Avery went to gramma and poppas house to stay for a few days so that we could go to the hospital to deliver her little brother Nolan William on 10.02.08!

10.02.08-Avery came to meet her little brother for the first time. She was more interested in laughing and screaming in the little post partum room and we had to kick her out! :)

10.19.08-Avery and Nolan joined us all at the annual Walk to Defeat ALS at Lake Merritt in memory of my mom.  What a beautiful day and a great way to raise much needed funds for ALS research!

11.10.08-Mommy and Nolan started baby boot camp again 3 days a week at the Lafayette Reservoir!  ouch!

11.25.08-Avery was re-evaluated by Regional Center of the East Bay and finally qualified for Occupational Therapy, Physical therapy and Speech!  yay.  Also we heard the term "sensory processing disorder" for the first time. More on that later...

12.02.08-Nolan had his 2 month appt with his pediatrician Dr. Martino.  Avery went for a hearing exam and passed with flying colors!

12.06.08-Breakfast with Santa at the country club.  Avery would not go near Santa in 2007, this year we got her on his lap! YES!

12.22.08-Avery had her 1st speech appt.  It went ok-we ended up switching therapists...

12.23.08-Avery had her preschool holiday party and sat with Santa there too!

12.25.08-Nolan's 1st christmas!  Avery was spoiled by her gramma, poppa and auntie's and uncles!  

12.29.08-Avery went to Suma Kids for her OT assessment-she qualified through RCEB, but had to be assessed by an actual OT.  She was eligible.  She had a great time at this assessment b/c of all the fun stuff she got to do.  This is where I truly saw what they meant about Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)-they wanted her to put small blocks into a cup and she would not do it.  The OT then put her on a large platform swing and swayed it slightly then had Avery do that same task and she DID IT!  so crazy how that works. 

12.30.08-Lesah, Avery's PT came over for an assessment.  She was fabulous and we continue to love her!!

01.09.09-Nolan's first playgroup with his buddies, Rhys Williams, Jacqueline Stoddard, Paxton Brune, Taylor Stevens, Zack Roder, & Case Jacobson!!

01.23.09-Avery started with her awesome OT, Ginny.  She brings the best toys and does some really fun stuff with her!  She is working on fine motor skills (like using a crayon and utensils) and also some large muscle stuff like catching, throwing and kicking.

02.03.09-Nolan had his 4 month checkup-all went well, 13.5 pounds!

That's it for the catch up update! Ill try to be more on top of things and keep you up with all of Avery and Nolan's milestones!